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Scialabba Construction is a wonderful and rare combo of creative and conscientious. We are proud to own two hand-crafted pieces of furniture and a fireplace mantel they designed. Everyone is perfect and unique. I whole-heartedly recommend and trust them!

Suzan Satterfield

Michael and Joey Scialabba have made several fabulous pieces of furniture for our house. The largest one is our custom dining table you'd have to see to believe! It is made from a Poplar Tree which had been struck by lightning! The wood had some lovely purplish streaks in it. Michael allowed me to pick out the wood, and I told him I wanted it to look just like the tree - except not be rough enough to snag my clothes! That's literally all we told him. He and Joey measured the space where the table would go, and then delivered the most amazing table EVER! You would have to see it in person to fully appreciate it - and everyone who DOES see it exclaims "WHERE did you get that TABLE?!?"

And he made a wonderful small table that sits behind our sofa, and is the first thing you see when you enter the house!

Joey made us a cabinet to house our stereo gear, and our DVDs etc. It is perfect - beautiful as well as serviceable and we've moved it to three dwellings!
These guys -- they can do ANYthing! Their artistry, and craftsmanship are unequaled! It doesn't hurt that they are also really nice, sweet and cute as well!

Lynn B. Evans